Upgrade Your Backyard With Our Top Of The Line Canopies

Our canopies are the top choice for New Zealand homeowners because of its durability and elegance. Our Clearspan Awnings and Canopies feature 6mm thick grey-tinted polycarbonate roofing, and can withstand even the fiercest winds. This awning protects you and your family from the sun’s harmful rays, thanks to the 99% UV protection and glare reduction offered by its grey-tinted polycarbonate roofing.

This was an exciting project in the Lower North Island that showcases our commitment to excellence. The “Best in Class” Clearspan Awning, with its black powder coating and 6mm thick grey-tinted polycarbonate roofing, is both visually striking and durable. Complementing this, our outdoor screens in sleek black mesh offer privacy and a connection to the outdoors. This project redefines outdoor living, combining aesthetics and functionality seamlessly to create an unforgettable space.

Our polycarbonate roofing has multiple tint options:

  1. Clear: These are the best option to still get proper lighting with its 87% Light transmission and the healthy sun rays with its 72% Heat transmission
  1. Grey: Best for summer times as this will not compromise the beauty of daylight with its 59% Light transmission and 67% Heat transmission
  1. Opal: Elegance with shading can be achieved with 48% Light transmission while ensuring the climate will not be too hot for you home with 60% Heat transmission


By choosing the best canopy for your home, you will have the perfect way to enjoy your outdoor space without getting sunburned or blinded

Why Every New Zealander Needs a Canopy

  • Sun protection: Canopies block out harmful UV rays, which can help to protect you from sunburn and skin cancer.
  • Glare reduction: Canopies can also help to reduce glare, making it easier to relax and enjoy your outdoor space.
  • Rain protection: Canopies keep you and your belongings dry in the rain.
  • Privacy: Canopies can be used to create a more private outdoor space.
  • Aesthetics: Canopies add a touch of style and sophistication to any outdoor space.

The Perfect Canopy for You

You can match our canopies with privacy outdoor screens to have the best combination of protection and aesthetics. Our privacy screens provide you with the comfort of a secluded outdoor oasis. You can unwind without feeling watched and enjoy intimate gatherings with friends and family.

And if you’re looking for a way to upgrade your backyard and make it more enjoyable, a canopy is the perfect solution. Canopies can also be used to create a more private and inviting outdoor space.

Shades Direct has the perfect one for your needs and budget. We do not compromise the quality and strength of our awnings to save a few dollars. We are best in class. We proudly stand by our NZ made products so contact us now!

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