Shades Direct Signature Awning Frame Systems

Shades Direct’s awning systems are crafted with Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum, the highest-grade aluminium available on the New Zealand market. Known for its exceptional strength and durability, it outperforms regular aluminium by 2.5 times due to its T6 tempering. This same marine and construction-grade aluminium forms the core of our Awning Systems. Paired with Marine Grade 316 stainless steel fixtures, you can trust that we use the best materials in New Zealand, ensuring hassle-free ownership for years to come.

Shades Direct NZ Awning Frame Systems


Grade 6061-T6 aluminium is 2.5 times stronger than regular aluminium generally available off the shelf, from aluminium merchants. The strength of aluminium is all to do with the tempering or heating of the extrusion. The aluminium we use is tempered to the highest level T6.


Grade 6061-T6 aluminium is the same grade aluminium used in the marine industry for boat building, and in the construction industry because of its minimal corrosive and high strength properties.

The same grade 6061-T6 aluminium extrusion is used in the framing or the body of our Awning Systems. It is the highest grade, and highest tempered available on the NZ market.


Shades Direct goes the extra mile in ensuring the quality of our Awning Systems by directly sourcing the aluminium from the mill to meet our exact specifications. This tailored sourcing process is especially critical for our Outsider Awnings Systems, as it allows us to maintain strict control over the manufacturing and production of these exceptional products.

By obtaining the aluminium directly from the mill, we can have a hands-on approach to the entire supply chain, from the raw materials to the final product. This level of control ensures that the aluminium used in our Awning Systems meets our stringent quality standards, which are crucial to delivering the strength and durability that our customers expect.

Our commitment to sourcing aluminium to our specifications exemplifies our dedication to providing the highest-quality materials for our Awning Systems, guaranteeing that every aspect of our product is crafted with precision and excellence. This meticulous approach reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering the best possible solutions for our customers.

Rest assured, Shades Direct diligently sources the finest materials in the New Zealand market for our Awning Systems, ensuring years of trouble-free ownership. We make no compromises in the quality and strength of our Awning Systems, prioritising excellence over cost savings.

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At Shades Direct, we never compromise on quality and strength to save a few dollars. We are proud to be the best in class, and we stand by our New Zealand-made products.

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